Posted by: Gregory | March 9, 2015

Walk2Work 2015

Walk2Work Poster

This Wednesday, March 11, brings us the 2015 incarnation of Walk2Work, brought to you by Living Streets Aotearoa and all sorts of local government bodies. Official events can be found around the region, but all you really need is a decent pair of shoes to play along.

Keep an eye out for the running of Park(ing) Day by the Wellington Sculpture Trust. Normally in September, this year the event is being held as part of Wellington Parks Week.

There are plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy the streets at a human pace, from connecting with your community to health and well-being.



  1. We are trialling this year having people share their walk to work with others. This is a great chance to see the city from someone else’s perspective. The walk leaders will either introduce you to their favourite places, or explain features they are experts in – freshwater, engineering heritage, historic buildings, etc. The list is here:

    • I saw a note from Cr Sarah Free about a shared walk from 2 Rongotai Road starting at 7:30am.

    • We caught the ecology walk with Stu. It was short, but definitely worthwhile. I’d love to see more of the shared walks.

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