Posted by: Gregory | May 28, 2015

Usefulness of a park

It’ll take some time to know how well Pukeahu fits within the fabric of Wellington. Now that ANZAC day is well behind us, the rush and excitement has subsided and we’re slowly getting to know the space as an urban park.

So far, it seems a bit empty except for the skateboarders. Following up from the article in the Wellingtonian, a letter was published the next week wondering how useful the space is.


We’ve had these sorts of discussions before. Should we make our parks big, open, green spaces or should we have our parks broken up into smaller areas that provide a range of functions? It’s becoming clear that Pukeahu is more the first kind than the second, but not really useful as a big space either.

Having stopped off with my toddler last week, he was happy to run around, but that largely meant that I was chasing him before he ran onto one of the many roadways that envelop the memorial. It’s not really a family-friendly space unless your family is happy sitting still.

It gets worse, too. It seems as if there was a failure of anticipation during the procurement phase. The toilet blocks don’t provide baby-changing facilities.


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