Posted by: Gregory | May 25, 2015

New look for bus shelters

Over at Auckland Transport Blog, there’s a post about deciding on a new bus shelter for the AT network. There was a practical evaluation of three designs that’s now been settled. The winner caught my attention because it has more than passing resemblance to a design I read about in the most recent GWRC quarterly report. (The report isn’t online at the moment, or I just haven’t found it. It was distributed separately, but a part of this meeting. I had been emailed a copy.)

The design AT has chosen comes in three flavours:


The intermediate shelter is very similar to this image from the quarterly report:

Porirua Bus Shelter

It’s possible that the similarities are coincidental, but I can’t imagine that there’s a large pool of relevant designers in New Zealand. Since GWRC is looking at bringing more of the shelters around the region under single control, we may see these popping up all over. From the quarterly report:

Discussions continued with WCC regarding the transfer to GWRC of the maintenance and repairs of
bus shelters in Wellington City.

I have no idea what this means for Adshel, who operate many of shelters in Wellington. The took a bit of a hit during a rush of vandalism, but I’ve not seen anything since.



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