Posted by: Gregory | May 4, 2015

Photos: Parking failures

Parking failures seem to be occupying my mind at the moment. Since I spend so much time on foot, I see all sorts of things on my way. The first photo is a bit older, but the other three were all from yesterday. This is quite common behaviour and I think the lack of enforcement is responsible for much of the shoddy attitude.


I don’t know if the damage to the back end was related to the attempt at parking. Either way, it’s illegal to stop or park in an intersection and it’s also illegal to stop or park on a broken yellow line.


I see this a lot. Cars often overhang into the footpath. In this case, it’s a pretty small car. In my mind, this is implicitly extending private space into public space without any compensation to the public.


Imagine a blind person getting to the tactile surface and proceeding to cross the street. This is basically a lack of respect for other people and also illegal.

wpid-img_20150503_161118.jpgEncroaching on the footpath is incredibly common in Wellington and it’s not going to change unless we push back against it. This is not a narrow street and traffic speeds up on the way down the hill when the parked cars leave an extra gap. That’s not the outcome that we want.



  1. Note the towball in the third picture – ouch!

  2. Good spotting Gregory!! Countdown in Newtown was allowed to built an inferior dock way for delivery trucks; meaning the largest Linfox is forced to break the law by parking on the footpath on a busy intersection. Can supply photographs

    • Please do. Contributions are definitely welcome.

      I’m not sure what can be done to remedy the problem other than imposing limits on deliveries. My preference is to focus on problems that can be fixed, although there’s definitely lessons to be learned from unfixable problems.

  3. Thanks Greg. You are bringing up an issue which many people have just grown to accept. Time for a change. Roads are made for transit, and by the grace of god (WCC) street parking is allowed in selected locations.
    The above photos indicate an arrogance and disrespect that will have to challenged forcefully before we can think of creating safe cycleways.

    • I think it comes down to the same discussion over and over again. We’re all just people trying to do things and get places. There’s no right transport mode for all needs. Only when we diversify the modes used will we approach an optimal transport network.

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