Posted by: Gregory | April 30, 2015

Draft Wellington Cycling Framework passes council

Debate of the cycling framework occurred at the full council meeting this morning. Two amendments to the draft cycling framework were raised. The first one was from Councillor Peck:


There was a flurry of debate around the inclusion of a target date of 24 June for approving stage 1 of the Island Bay Cycleway and whether it was somehow bypassing the process being set up by the framework. Despite this, the amendment was carried 9-6, leading up to an amendment from Councillor Eagle:


Council was largely sympathetic to the ideas, but only supported in part. Voting was taken in parts, with 2a and 4 succeeding.

Once council started to debate the substantive, true colours started to show. As expected, Councillor Coughlan indicated that it’s cheaper to drive kids to use the bus, which somehow relates to not supporting the framework. Councillor Marsh started channelling Auckland Councillor Quax by declaring that nobody shops by bike, except maybe Councillor Free. In her turn, Councillor Free spoke of building the city that we want to live in – a concept that we fully agree with. The Mayor took a few moments to clarify issues that councillors seemed to confuse, such as commuter versus retail parking treatment.

In the end, the motion was broken into sections to isolate clauses 6 and 7 from the list of 9. All clauses passed and there was much rejoicing.


The meeting is available below in all its glory.



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  2. Fantastic result, and really brought out the calibre of some Councillors who understand what a truly liveable city might look like! Thanks!

    • Agreed. Several councillors showed true vision.

      • A statement that could be made by both supporters and opponents of the cycleways.

      • Regardless of position, everyone represented their values. I won’t go so far as to say that all councillors represented facts correctly. Councillor Coughlan was called out on it.

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  4. For the purpose of safety and to clarify on NZTA’s advertising concept ‘See the person, Share the Road’ an e-petition channelling the overseas experience was made live today.

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