Posted by: Gregory | April 28, 2015

Wellington Cycling Framework and Priorities

Since my post yesterday regarding the cycling framework, there has been a fair bit of discussion around project priorities and, specifically, what this means for the Island Bay Cycleway.


Here’s the section on priorities:

WCF Priorities

The issue lies within clause 18, which indicates that priority is being given to three corridors: Northern, CBD and Eastern.

My initial read of the clause, which I still cling to, is that the application for UCF funding prioritises those corridors, but the network plan may be funded through rates and NLTF funding, which may have differing priorities. As it currently stands, there is $4.3 million allocated to cycling within the 2014/15 year which I believe is meant to fund stage 1 of the Island Bay Cycleway. As such, UCF funding wouldn’t be involved at this stage.

Back in February, which is ages ago in terms of the cycling programme, the Transport and Urban Development committee includes this potential workflow in the 5 February agenda.


The first section of the Island Bay Cycleway, as well as the Leonie Gill Pathway, exist before this programme starts. This lends weight to the idea that it’s already funded and prioritised. Having said that, this list was developed before a series of meetings with NZTA to discuss priorities, so it may have shifted since then. I have yet to find published information that indicates a change. Neither of the subsequent T&UD committee meetings listed the cycleway on the agenda.

Clause 18 is incredibly vague, but until we see an updated list of priority projects, I have to assume that Island Bay Cycleway, at least stage 1, is still on deck.


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