Posted by: Gregory | April 18, 2015

Pukeahu pictures

I had to walk the dog this morning, so I took another trip through Pukeahu as it was being set up for the opening.

I like the textural changes between hard and soft surfaces. The irregular boundary lines between path and lawn work for me.


Although not all of the pathways are accessible, all of the locations are. Stairs feature heavily, but ramps are available for all of the park sites.


Planted borders are filling in quite nicely and I spotted quite a few olives on the trees.


I was finally able to get close to the Australian memorial. It’s quite impressive up close and I think it will age nicely, especially as the trees fill in the gaps a bit.


I spoke briefly with a security guard on site who was a bit concerned at damage that will inevitably occur. As it turns out, it’s already started. According to the guard, this bench fell victim to an inattentive taxi driver.




  1. The photos are working properly on my computer (Firefox)

    • Thanks for the comment. I didn’t realise that posting from the mobile would leave images unscaled on the web view.

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