Posted by: Gregory | April 5, 2015

Positive changes

When the Arras Tunnel opened to vehicles, the media was quick to pick up on cyclists going through. From my view as a pedestrian, the signs weren’t obvious, although the lighted sign at Rugby St usually escapes my attention and the comments on the article reference that sign in particular. It’s easy to believe that confusion levels were high. Pathways around and through the park often changed every day. From a consistency point of view, the project was a nightmare.

Some time later, I ran into this brilliant user experience and finally took the photo after seeing the same car parked over the ramp day after day.

Now that the park is open (except for the grassy bits), the cycle ramp is finally plausible.


Cyclist ramp ahead of the Arras Tunnel

The car park has been pushed back about a metre and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a car parked over the edge of the boundary. The green cycle lane strip is well within the attention of the cyclist and the ramp opens into a very wide pedestrian/cyclist shared path toward the park. There’s a potential issue around people coming out of the entrance of the apartment complex, but I’ve yet to hear of an incident occurring.

Cyclists averse to traffic also have the option to head to Tasman St via Rugby St and bypass the whole thing, presuming that Tasman St doesn’t turn into a short cut for car traffic heading to the CBD.

Little details make the difference for people nervous about cycling. There are undoubtedly many issues like this one that can be solved if we’re aware of them. Leave a comment if you’ve got one in mind that could use some TLC.



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