Posted by: Gregory | May 13, 2014

Schedule updates around the region


Service notices have gone up indicating that a bunch of timetables are being adjusted. In all cases, the notes indicate that adjustments are being made to reflect actual travel times. This has been expected for a while, with enough RTI data being collected to highlight travel-time realities. In theory, this should help with routes that are consistently late and also help with drivers minimising their lateness by leaving early, which is a worse problem in my opinion.

Routes 1, 4, 32

Routes 13, 22, 23

Routes 81, 83, 84, 85



  1. Million tickets have been issued. Mill snappers more. Every minute rti system knows the lateness twenty years.

    Oia give the summary.
    Offic info request.

    What is cumulative passenger minutes every service. … shock bad performance.

    • To be fair, the RTI system has problems that mask some of the real performance issues. Over time, an adequate statistical model of a route can be produced, which go into the rescheduling of timetables. Having said that, I have no idea how well the new timetables serve the passengers. The new timetables only came into effect just over a week ago.

  2. […] back-story is that with Metlink having updated the timetables for the Island Bay services, the stop nearest my house gets more frequent buses during peak hours. It’s not my favourite […]

  3. […] not all horribly bad for scheduled services, so I’ll end on a positive note. The recent changes to the Island Bay routes have drastically improved the peak service through the Adelaide Road corridor. Those changes are […]

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