Posted by: Gregory | April 9, 2013

It’s Your Transport

Greater Wellington and Metlink are inviting passengers and potential passengers to get involved with their transport, an idea which I heartily agree with. The full details are at Metlink, but here’s the short story. They’re looking for artwork that can be used in promotions and as wraps for the exterior of buses and trains, and on the interior of the ferries. The work should describe what public transport means to people, whether it be the journey, the destination or the stops and stations themselves.

I believe that public involvement is an important part of public transportation. Not just for the obvious patronage aspects, but also for a sense of ownership of a system. This promotion gives residents a chance to highlight the positive aspects of the network in a very public way. I’m looking forward to seeing what Wellington’s creative minds come up with.

The entry period is already open and submissions are welcome until 5pm on Friday, May 3, 2013.



  1. Unfortunately, GW are encouraging people to design artworks that may cover as much as 30% of the windows. While we know that passengers hate contravision and being unable to see where they are going.

    So please, please, please can some lovely people out there design some great artworks that do not block passenger views. I for one will only be voting for those.

    • I was thinking of that when typing up the post. Full bus wraps aren’t all that nice at the best of times. I’m hoping that a few of the designs use the seated passengers as part of the artwork, which gives a good reason to keep the passengers’ views clear.

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