Posted by: senjmito | September 12, 2011

Transport Disadvantage: A Significant Issue in an Unequal Society

Paula Warren has written an excellent paper about transport disadvantage. It’s too long to post in full here, but this post includes an introduction and a downloadable version of the paper in PDF format. If you are interested in transport issues, access to the services provided by transport, or equity issues, you should read this paper.

What is transport disadvantage?

In a modern society we need to move around to access education, jobs, events,
recreational activities, and social and cultural networks.  Some individuals and
families in our society cannot easily travel to the opportunities they would like to use. They suffer transport disadvantage.

A person or family can also be considered to suffer transport disadvantage (or
transport poverty) if the cost of transport reduces their ability to pay for other basic items.  For example a rural family on a low income may need several cars to allow all its members to travel to work and education, and that may leave no money for things like healthy housing, medical bills, and even food.

A person may also be transport disadvantaged if transport availability restricts where they can live. For example a young person without a drivers licence may be able to live a full life in Wellington, but be transport disadvantaged in Whangarei,and therefore not be able to consider moving to that city.

You can download and read the rest of Paula’s paper Transport Disadvantage: A Significant Issue in an Unequal Society.



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