Posted by: senjmito | October 21, 2010

The News Is Good

Sustainable Wellington Region Transport (better known as sustwelltrans – incidentally, you can follow us on Twitter at held its first meeting since the 2010 local body elections this week. I think it’s fair to say that the overall picture around the region is looking brighter for sustainable transport than it did before the elections.

While the most obvious – and welcome – change is the election of cycling, walking and light rail advocate Celia Wade-Brown as Mayor of Wellington, other changes in the region’s councils also look positive for sustainable transport. Notably, Hutt City’s new mayor, and some newly-elected councillors, look likely to be more committed to sustainable transport than the previous mayor and council.

Sustwelltrans is keen to work with both successful and unsuccessful candidates who have shown a commitment to, or at least an interest in, sustainable transport in the region. Though the elections may be over, candidates’ responses to our transport questionnaire are a valuable resource that we intend to make good use of.

The 2010 local body elections have opened up some exciting possibilities for sustainable transport in the region. Now we need to turn those possibilities into realities.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tim Jones, Sustwelltrans. Sustwelltrans said: On the whole, the news from local election results in the Wellington region is good for sustainable transport: […]

  2. It is vital that we also support all councillors as they grapple with what are often complex and difficult issues. That support work is already starting. Living Streets Wellington is planning to organise some meetings to give members, councillors and other interested parties the chance to hear some of the exciting presentations that were made to this year’s walking conference. Trans-Action is looking at how to make the expertise of an international light rail expert who will be in Wellington next week available to councillors.

  3. I agree, Paula – and one of the things I’m very keen to see in the next three years is that this support is extended not only to councillors in Wellington City, but councillors throughout the region, insofar as our resources of time and energy permit!

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