Posted by: senjmito | September 16, 2010

We ask local body election candidates for their views on transport

The Sustainable Wellington Transport group has asked Wellington-region local body election candidates about their views on transport in the region – and the results are enlightening.

Over the next few days, we’ll be posting results from Mayoral and/or Council candidates in Kapiti, Porirua, Wellington City, and Hutt City, and also from candidates for the Wellington Regional Council, aka Greater Wellington.

Before we get to the candidates’ answers, here are the questions we asked. Obviously, some questions are more applicable to particular councils than others, and this is reflected in the replies we received.

The Questionnaire
1. What proportion of the transport funding in the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) of the Council you are standing for would you want to see devoted to:
a. Public transport?
b. Walking (facilities and promotion)?
c. Cycling (facilities and promotion)?

Please explain these choices.

2. Do you support the following transport projects, where applicable:
Note: Options a-c are mutually exclusive. Each assumes that essential service vehicles would have limited access.
a. Turning the Golden Mile into a public transport corridor Y/N
b. Turning the Golden Mile into a pedestrian corridor Y/N
c. Turning the Golden Mile into a dedicated public transport/pedestrian space Y/N
d. Extending the rail system through the Wellington CBD, by developing modern trams as a priority for the short term Y/N
e. A Basin Reserve flyover Y/N
f. Doubling the Terrace Tunnel Y/N
g. Doubling the Mt Victoria Tunnel Y/N
h. The Kapiti Expressway Y/N

3. Do you support the creation of an integrated public transport system across the region? If so, what changes would you propose making to bring this about?

4. What do you consider should be the top transport priorities of the Council for which you are standing?

5. What are your own top transport priorities for the region?



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