Posted by: kentduston | June 22, 2008

Ngauranga to Airport Draft Corridor Plan

Transit New Zealand, the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Wellington City Council have released the third stage consultation documents for the Ngauranga to Airport transport strategy.

All the available documents – including the technical papers and the outcome of the last consultation round – can be found here. It’s time to have your say about how our city should function, and you have until 5pm Monday 28 July to do exactly that!



  1. This is an important consultation process for everyone who lives in central/south Wellington or who uses the CBD, airport and other services in the area. The proposals in the consultation document are very much “business as usual” – more traffic is inevitable so we have to build more roads for them. There is acknowledgement of the need for improved public transport, but a reluctance to do anything radical to provide the sort of services Wellingtonians need.

    What we need are radical solutions.

    The most important thing we need is a dedicated public transport/pedestrian corridor along the Golden Mile and to the hospital and airport. This will ensure that public transport isn’t affected by traffic. It would initially carry buses but be converted to light rail over the next 5-10 years.

    Then actions to reduce traffic and limit the amount of land given over to roads. There are very expensive proposals to double the Terrace and Mt Vic tunnels. If we have that much money for tunnelling, how about putting the traffic underground along the waterfront. Doubling the terrace tunnel is supposed to remove some traffic from the waterfront, but a minor reduction will have little benefit for users of the area.

    We also need radical improvements to pedestrian and cyling facilities. Moving through the city on foot cycle should be easy and pleasant, not a frustrating pattern of delays and danger, noise and pollution.

    This is our chance to push for a new and better city. Tell the politicians what you want, or you will get more of the same old.

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